Rebecca Barnes. Affectionately known as Bex. Twin sister of James Barnes and former member of the Howling Commandos. Currently working as a consultant for SHIELD.

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Soooooo….my brother’s Bachelor party…I’m thinking out of state, tons of liquor, and Steve’s gonna need potential bail money.

You know, just like old times. Only we won’t be killing Nazis in between. Though now that I’ve gone and jinxed us…

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    "Sounds like a lot of the guys I knew in the war." Guys she still knew. "The Commandos could be…a handful at times. And...
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    "He’s very good at that kind of interesting. Far too good at it really." Natasha shook her head in despair. He was a far...
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    Morita was totally innocent! He didn’t do nothin’! Mexico’s good. Where ever’s warm and won’t break th’bank’s fine with...
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